10: Standard Services

Command Purpose

This task monitors various functions which are necessary for engine operation. It is normally launched in the /cell/go.scp start-up script.


The purpose of this app is to maintain a current copy of the “gp_template” file at all test cells. The “gp_template” file is maintained at “cmx-102:/specs.def/gp/gp_template”. As changes are made to the file, they are always made at this location. This application will ensure that the most recent copy of this file gets transfered to “ctclfnode9:/mnt/TcNfs/gp_template”.

child_adm child_admin initializes the administrator task and waits continuously for messages signaling dead tasks so it can kill/terminate all sub-tasks and processes related to the dead task(s). This task is executed by the ‘go’ script and does not require command-line execution’
cleanup Remove old or excessive number of files
clear_error This command will send a message to the error manager that will cause the error message queue to be deleted. Running the command “errs” after this will only show errors generated after the clear_error command was issued.
clear_watchdog This command sends a message to the scheduler to have it reset any reconfiguration overruns. As a result the ‘watch_dog’ DO’ should become active and toggle at its normal rate.

The comp_perf processes the following computations on a continuous basis:

automatic speed calibration of an analog speed channel vs. a frequency speed channel

water pump performance factor (MED rate)

wind direction resolution to 16 compass points (SLO rate)

cpubind Set/Get current CPU affinity for a running task.
cpu_util Determine CPU utilization for 3 scheduler intervals

“create_var” is a server application that creates variables for other applications in the general usage memory areas.

duty_cycle Perform duty cycle analysis.
email_mgr The email_mgr waits for errors messages to occur, and if those error messages should be emailed, it will email the correct people.
error_mgr Use error_mgr to create the /data/errors/errors.db and receive error messages from tasks.
error_mgr_classic Display or log errors based on specified parameters
er_specs Process event response specifications
evaluate Process user-defined expressions
evaluateArrVar Process user-defined expressions
evnt_adm Administer events.
evnt_rsp The evnt_rsp task permits a user to program what actions will take place in response to the generation of an event.
iQueueMgr Queue manager for a spawned device
rcs_specs rcs_specs is a process which should be run in the background and spawned in the go.scp script. An example is shown below.
scheduler Monitor the integrity of processes running in CyFlex
startup Issues the GLOBAL_RECON – RECON_DONE event that tells all applications to perform initialization functions and begin processing data as required.
start_asset Starts CyFlex by executing a script under a new session.
surge Turbocharger Surge Margin computation
sys_start Initialize system start
tranMan Transfer Manager to manage file transfers from CyFlex test cells to network servers

The Transfer Mover task moves files from test cell nodes to the CyFlex Communications Node for this site. It runs automatically and does not require any user intervention.

usercron Create cron file from user editable file
vrbls_to_stat Compute CyFlex variables statistics
wtrm_repos_mgr Manage file transfer for filter records from the CyFlex weight room systems to UNIX database repository.