This program produces a weekly utilization report which is similar to the “allcells” program except that it accounts for engine changes within the interval. Each engine change will be treated as if it was a separate test cell. A change of PP# is treated as an engine change as well as an “occ_start” log.


allcells5  form=[1|2] <n=X>


form the report format options:
1 => csv formatted output with automatic email of the output to the “q1” mail alias. This is the default format.
2 => standard report format with no email
n the number of intervals to report starting from the most recent and going backward. The default value is 1.


allcells5  form=2  > /data/util/ENGINE_CHANGE


This program relies on the existence of several data files, including /data/meters/occ/occ.log.NNN, when NNN is the test cell number of all the test cells at the site.

For a more comprehensive description of the system requirements for utilization reports, see cyflex/admin/docs/utilization

See Also:

parse_meterlog, getAstStat13metrlogall, gp_utl