This program is used for utilization monitoring. It should be launched from the the /cell/go.scp script in each CyFlex test cell.

This program writes information to “meterlog” and “occ.log” files on certain ‘update’ events. The events are signalled through a message event named “meterlog”. Normally, there will be a cron’d set of this event at 0, 7, 16 hours (the shift changes).

If the “meterlog” event is of zero length, then the update type is considered to be a METERLOG type and data will be written to the meterlog file as well as the occ.log.NNN file.

/data/meters/meterlog.NNN.YY /data/meters/occ.log.NNN

If the message is not of zero length, then it contains a data structure of type UTILIZATION_EVENT. This structure simply contains another structure of type OCC_ITEM. The contents of the structure is written to the 2 different files.








The following are different update types that may be contained in the message

METERLOG log hour meter readings

STATE_CHANGE an automated state change (0,1, or 8)
USER_STATE_CHANGE a user state change

The “meterlog” event may come from the following sources:
setev (usually in crontab file) – METERLOG update type

cell_mon STATE_CHANGE state changes 0,1,8

set_state USER_STATE_CHANGE update type

cvsact set CVS activity code

cvstype set a CVS activity type

There are several report programs which use the data generated by this process.

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