2: Variables and Computations

Command Purpose
arr_size Determine the size of array variable or a particular dimension of the variable.
arr_specs Process array specifications
clr_notify_msg Clear all notify messages from console screens
clr_safety_msg Clear all safety messages from console screens

Process user-defined expressions created by the gen_labels task

This process is normally started from the ‘go.scp’ startup script’ and is usually run as a critical task which will cause a watchdog shutdown if it fails.

Multiple instances of “compvar” may be started to handle multiple spec files. Normally, there is a 1-to-1 pairing of an instance of “compvar” with a spec file. The pairing is accomplished through the “registered name”. The “registered name” is a spawning argument for ‘compvar’ and is placed in the corresponding’ spec file following the macro “@REG_NAME”.

cre8_script The cre8_script program generates a script file containing a line for all nodes within the /data/cell_map file for a specified type of systems.

Create and initialize variables from the command line or from within a script.

The arguments vary, depending on the data type REAL variable:

cyflex_wd Monitor events for watchdog conditions.
em_ave Statistical evaluation at input channels
eng_specs Process Engine Specifications
garb_ck Check a file for non-printable characters
garr Display specified array variables
garr_all Display all array variable values or a specified array variable value
gen_labels Process general usage variable specifications
gen_solver Find the roots for a general function f(X)
noise_check Statistical evaluation at input channels

This application is used to monitor the “overrideOFF” event that is a transition event associated with the “var_override” variable.

override_status This command is used to test the override mode of a variable. The output (stdout) will be “On” or “Off” return of 0 for success and 1 for any error.
perf_labels Engine performance specifications
raw2eng Convert a raw count value to an engineering units value by for a designated channel.
release_compvar Release compvar instance resources and exit the system
release_evaluate Release evaluate instance resources and exit the system

The contents of all CyFlex array variables are continuously saved in hard disk files by the “save_status” application. The values are stored in files in the /data/ directory with file names that are `label`.array

When CyFlex is shutdown by the “slay_stuff” command, one last update of these files is performed. If there is a need to restore the contents of an array variable when the system is restarted with a “go” command, then the array values can be recovered from the disk file with this command.

rstr_save_dat Restore variables from disk
rvar Remove variable(s)
sarr Set array elements
sarru Set units of an array variable or to show units and units_code
save_list Specifies a variable to maintain on disk
save_status Save CyFlex variables on disk
set_active Activate a CyFlex input variable
set_alias Use the set_alias command to create or modify an alias label.
set_inactive Set a CyFlex input variable inactive
show_gen This function will show computed strings
sovr This command can be used to change the override mode of a variable and to change the value of the variable if the master override flag is set.
spcl_chans Process special channel specifications

Set the value of a variable or list of variables.

varx_specs Process specifications that will be used by the var_transfer program.
var_transfer Transfer one CyFlex variable into another while applying an offset, gain, and recursive filter.

This utility will force the contents of an array variable to be written to a disk file in /data/<label.array

It does essentially the same thing that the “save_status” application is doing periodically, except the write_array_var application does it immediately when the command is executed.