28: Abatement System

abate_cal_viewer The abate_cal_viewer program is a GUI that displays calibration information for sensors on the abatement system. Calibration records can be added or updated for a specified sensor by an authorized user.
abate_ec_viewer The abate_ec_viewer program is a GUI that displays all active and resolved error codes for the abatement system. The user can choose to display active or resolved error codes for a specified date range. For active error codes, an authorized user can choose to resolve an error code and must enter in a comment pertaining to what was done to resolve the error code.
abate_log_viewer The abate_log_viewer program is a GUI that displays logged abatement system data for a specified time range for specified data channels. The displayed data is retrieved from the local sqlite database and can be displayed in a tabular view or within a plot view.
abate_mgr The abate_mgr task handles the data base connection and queries that are performed for inserting, updating, and retrieving abatement system data into/from the local sqlite database. Events are handled within this task for the abate_log_viewer, abate_ec_viewer, and abate_cal_viewer programs. Monitoring of the abatement system error code variables is also performed.