8: Statistical Sampling

Command Purpose
ra_specs Running Average Specifications
release_evnt_rsp Release evnt_rsp resources and exit the system
release_run_aver Release run_aver instance resources and exit the system
release_snap_stats Release snap_stats instance resources and exit the system
release_statistics Release statistics instance resources and exit the system
run_aver Calculate running average of CyFlex variables
snap_specs Snap Statistics Specifications
snap_stats Snap Statistics process that performs computations of the mean, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum of a variable with sampling paced by an external synchronization event.
statistics This program will derive the mean, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum values of real variables over a “sampling session” and place the results into other real variables.
spc_analysis This mainline processes a specified data file to compute statistical data values for parameters found in the data file.
spc_converter The spc_converter program converts the source file supplied by datapoint to a file that contains only one header, one unit, one test cell information line within the file. The header line contains all valid labels that are statistical variables.
spc_manager The spc_manager program waits for an event from the Datapoint task that signifies a fuel reading has been taken successfully. Once the event has been recognized, the spc_converter task is spawned and the data file is converted. If the return status of the spc_converter task is without errors, the spc_analysis task is spawned.
spc_specs Run the spc_specs task as a translator to reconfigure what variables are processed without stopping the datapoint task.