Check the compatibility between 2 libraries using abi-compliance.


abi_checker <library> <old_cyflex_ver> <new_cyflex_ver> [app=application] [old_ver_num] [new_ver_num]



the library to look at


the old cyflex version


the new cyflex version


Optional argument that checks compatibility for an application for the new library using the old one. Must have app=[application] for this option. Should use full path of executable desired


Optional argument for the old lib num, default 1


Optional argument for the new lib num, default 2


abi_checker  libSoftingCan  /cyflex.6.2.16.rel/  /cyflex.6.2.exp/

This checks the libSoftingCan.so between the 2 versions and sees if they are compatible.

abi_checker all /cyflex.6.2.16.rel/ /cyflex.6.2.exp/

This opens the cyflex_so_ver.dat file in /cyflex.6.2.exp/ and compares that to the cyflex_so_ver.dat file in /cyflex.6.2.16.rel/ directory. It generates 2 files, /tmp/abi_report and /tmp/abi_output.


If the argument library is set to ‘all’, it will look at all libraries in the new_cyflex_ver and check against all in the old_cyflex_ver. The optional arguments are useless when using the ‘all’ option.

When running without the ‘all’ option, a report is created in /tmp/compat_reports/‘library’/. In the /tmp/compat_reports/‘library’/ directory are more directories. These directories hold html files that can be opened with a web browser to view information about the comparison.

These directories get there name from the optional arguments. If the default are used, then the directory ‘1_to_2’ is created since the default are 1 and 2. The optional arguments do NOT need to be numbers only.

If app= is used, it must be before the ver_num optional arguments if those want to be used as well.

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