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Change the Login on a Computer

To change the login on a computer from tc1 (old) to tc3 (new), the following steps should be taken: sudoĀ Ā  neditĀ Ā  /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc Modify Ā Ā  AutoLoginUser=tc3 (to be the cell number) ModifyĀ Ā Ā  DefaultUser=tc3 To change on the computer: Click Start –>Ā  AdministrationĀ  –>Users and GroupsĀ  –Ā  Enter the password when prompted Within the User Manager dialog:

LINUX OS used for CyFlex

CyFlex runs on a customized version of LINUX which includes built-in drivers and other unique services. SGS-Cybermetrix supplies this customized LINUX version on an ā€œInstall Diskā€. Currently, that ā€œInstall Diskā€ has a customized versions of Scientific Linux called ā€œSL6ā€. CyFlex will not run on a standard installation of any LINUX version. Do not attempt to