Author: Michael Ketchoyian

Change the Login on an Oracle 8 Linux Computer

Pre-requisites: You must be logged into a different account to change the username for the desired account. If you don’t already have a separate account to use, create one by running the following at the command prompt: sudo useradd -l <new_username> -d /home/<new_username> You must also disable Automatic Login of the account for which you

CyFlex.6.3.19 Release – 08/31/2020

SGS would like to announce the release of CyFlex 6.3.19. For information about the CyFlex 6.3.19 release, please refer to the following links. Release Notes Summary Document: CyFlex Release Notes – 6.3.19 Release Notes Details: *Jira Filter for CyFlex 6.3.19 Issues Note: *To access the Jira filter link, you must first be logged into Jira.