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Change the Login on an Oracle 8 Linux Computer

Pre-requisites: You must be logged into a different account to change the username for the desired account. If you don’t already have a separate account to use, create one by running the following at the command prompt: sudo useradd -l <new_username> -d /home/<new_username> You must also disable Automatic Login of the account for which you

Change the Login on a Computer

To change the login on a computer from tc1 (old) to tc3 (new), the following steps should be taken: sudo   nedit   /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc Modify    AutoLoginUser=tc3 (to be the cell number) Modify    DefaultUser=tc3 To change on the computer: Click Start –>  Administration  –>Users and Groups  –  Enter the password when prompted Within the User Manager dialog:

What platform and technologies does CyFlex run on?

CyFlex Platform Overview Operating Systems: QNX 4.2 (message passing OS) Linux – Fedora 8, Scientific Linux 6 Programming Languages/Tools: C / C++ (shared code base for both OS) JAVA, Qt Hardware : Intel CPU ISA Bus – 11 slots typical PCI Bus – 6 slots typical Networking QNXnet, Ethernet TCP/IP – Customer’s Intranet & Internet

What hardware does Cyflex Support?

Overview of Supported I/O Hardware Opto SnapIO ethernet-based Gantner ethernet-based Metrabyte DAS16 family (DAS16G2, DAS1600) Transition Technology (MTL) National Instruments (various) Opto Optomux Scanivalve – Ethernet thermocouple module Ethercat Modbus Beckhoff AMD 9513 based counter/timers Interested in interfacing with a different piece of hardware?  Enter a JIRA.

How do I troubleshoot a gp_test Abort?

CyFlex provides several mechanisms for troubleshooting a gp_test abort. Used together, these mechanisms can help determine the cause of the abort. The mechanisms are: Display Screen Limit Report Error Log Trace Log Delta History EXAMPLE SCENARIO The 200-hour durability test being conducted at the cell goes down in the middle of the night. The technician