CyFlex 6.2.14 Release – March 24, 2018

We would like to announce the release of CyFlex 6.2.14.
Please refer to the attached release notes document to understand the nature of the changes in this release.

The following links have additional information:

*If you are not a Jira user please send a request for the information. If there is not a Jira user at your site, then please contact SGS to get that set up.
Also note the following CyFlex version release and support status (relative to SGS service provision):

  1. This and future releases are not available in Fedora, if you need assistance in migrating to Scientific Linux, please consult with SGS.
  2. 6.1.2 and older versions are not being actively maintained except for critical / emergency situations.
  3. Versions older than 6.0.5 are not being actively supported except for critical / emergency situations.
  4. ASSET/QNX versions have neither support or maintenance readily available at all.
  • Maintenance = changes to software to address improvements or bugs.
  • Support = provision of services to answer questions or diagnose issues

Thanks in advance for your attention to this update and ability to remain current in CyFlex releases.
If you have questions, concerns or comments, please let me know.

Jennifer Schuck