FR_Fuel_rate, FR_time, FR_wt

In the early days of ASSET, most of the fuel measurement systems were ‘scales’ that measured the time (FR_time) it took to consume a fixed weight (FR_wt).

The “scales” application would compute the fuel mass flow rate (FR_Fuel_rate) from these two values. The user had the option of sending the fuel rate to PAM or to just send the time and weight values. If the time and weight values were sent, PAM would compute the fuel rate from those two values.

This feature is now mostly obsolete as most of the measurement systems have been converted to “lc_scales” or “cf_scales” load cell based measurements. However, for display purposes the corresponding weight and time variables are computed. These variables, FR_time and FR_wt, should not be included in the pam_specs file. Just include the FR_Fuel_rate and PAM will use that value.