File Related

Command Description
ls -al Displays all information about files/directories. This includes displaying all hidden files as well
pwd Shows current directory path
mkdir directory-name Creates a directory
rm file-name Deletes file
cp file1 file2 Copies linux files here file1 to file2
mv file1 file2 Moves files from one place to another/renames file1 to file2
ln -s /path/to/file-name link-name Creates a symbolic link to file-name
touch file Creates empty file
cat file Prints the file content in terminal
more file Display the contents of file
head file Display the first 10 lines of file
tail file Outputs the last 10 lines of file
gpg -c file Encrypts file
cksum file View the checksum of the file
diff file1 file2 View the differences between contents of file1 and file2
ln -s link file Create a soft link named link to the file
sort Sorts files in alphabetical order
uniq Compares adjacent lines in a file and removes/reports any duplicate lines
wc Counts number of words/lines
dir Lists the content of the directory
tee Command for chaining and redirection
tr Command for translating characters
rm -r directory-name Deletes directory recursively
cp -r dir1 dir2 Copies dir1 to dir2 creates dir2 if it doesn’t exist
tail -f file Outputs the contents of file as it grows starting with the last 10 lines
gpg file.gpg Decrypts file
rm -f file-name Forcefully removes file
rm -rf directory-name Forcefully removes directory recursively