Command Description
cat /etc/redhat_release Shows which version of redhat installed
uptime Shows how long the system has been running
hostname Shows system host name. With -i switch you can view the ip address of the machine and with -d you can view the domain name
last reboot Shows system reboot history
date Shows the current date and time. You can specify the format you want to view the date as well. As an example by using ‘date +%D’ you can view the date in ‘MM/DD/YY’ format
cal Shows the calendar of the current month. With -y switch you can view the calendar of the whole current year
w Displays who is logged on and what they are doing
whoami Shows current user id
finger user Displays information about user
reboot Reboots the system
shutdown Shuts down the system
uname Displays linux system information. With -a switch you can view all the information with -r switch you can view kernel release information and with -o you can view OS information