Monitor various functions which are necessary for engine operation. The task is normally launched in the /cell/go.scp start-up script.


cell_mon <priority> <process_interval> &


priority Specify the task priority.
process_interval Specify WARP|FAS|MED|SLO|USR1|USR2


cell_mon 16 SLO &


  1. cell_mon monitors whether or not the engine is running and in what speed range and sets logical variables that other tasks can test.
  2. cell_mon tracks engine operating hours.
  3. cell_mon receives the “emergency” and “abort_limit” events which the limits task sends and initiates appropriate action.
  4. When slay_stuff runs, cell_mon sets the “release_cell_mon” event and causes this task to log an MSU Running-OFF file and then terminate to make sure that if the engine were running when the “go” is performed that we catch the OFF state.
  5. MSU Functions: The cell_mon app generates data files which are to be loaded into the MSU database. The following are the MSU actions that will be generated by cell_mon.

* Running ON and OFF * Unexpected Shutdown ON and OFF * Starter Disabled ON and OFF

Electronic Logbook: If the logbook flag is ON in the state_codes file for the unexpected shutdown state, the following actions will take place:

* An automatic entry will be made in the electronic logbook if cell_mon receives the abort_limit or emergency events.

* The logbook entry will be transferred to McParts if the mcparts flag is ON in the state codes file.

* When an engine is restarted after an unexpected shutdown, the logbook entry GUI will pop-up for the operator to enter information about actions taken to address the unexpected shutdown. This will only happen if the “elog_UNX” variable is non-zero. This is normally set in the /cell/cell_special file.

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