Maintain a current copy of the “gp_template” file at all test cells. The “gp_template” file is maintained at “cmx-102:/cyflex/specs.def/gp/gp_template”. As changes are made to the file, they are always made at this location. This application will ensure that the most recent copy of this file gets transfered to “ctclfnode9:/mnt/TcNfs/gp_template”.








The current copy is thus always available to be installed on any cell which runs the cyflex.6.2.3 (or newer) version of “sys_start”. That version will copy “ctclfnode9:/specs/gp/gp_template” file to the local “/specs/gp/” directory.

This application is designed for the CTC central node, ctclfnode9, but could be run on any CyFlex system that is connected to the Cummins Intranet. It is expected that this app will be run periodically as a “cron” job. Once a week should be adequate.

   Running the app requires that the local “/data/cell_map_location”  
   file contain the following entry:  
         cyflex/specs.def/gp/gp_template  /specs/gp/gp_template  
   Every test cell should contain the following entry in the  
   /data/cell_map_location file  
         /specs/gp/gp_template    /specs/gp/gp_template  

NOTE that the host names and the name of the mount could be modified at different sites, but these configurations will work on any system that can access ctclfnode9, the CTC central server.

This is a 2 step process that could be performed in one step at each test cell by simply adding this app to the usercron of each test cell. It is being done in this manner to avoid that maintenance process, which is not likely to be managed to 100at each test cell. 1. Install a new version of CyFlex or an update sys_start app 2. Add the @GP_TEMPLATE keyword to the local cell_map_location file along the the new @PAM_*_FILE keywords

Also, note that this application could be expanded to process other configuration updates by added other “fetch_remote( key )” calls.

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