Set/get current CPU affinity for a running task.


cpubind <-t | -p> [-m cpumask]



Specify the name of the process (NOT the QNX name attached to the process); mutually exclusive with -p


Specify the process ID of the task; mutually exclusive with -t

-m cpumask

Specify the bitwise mask of the CPU to run task on 1 bit per CPU, i.e.:
1=1st cpu
2=2nd cpu
3=1st & 2nd cpu (if no -m is supplied the current cpu mask will be returned)


cpubind -t processID -m 1


Specify only -t OR -p option, not both. If both supplied, -t will be ignored. When using the -t option, it will affect ALL tasks that have a field that matches the task name. A maximum of 32 tasks can be affected. A maximum of 32 processors is supported.

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