Process event response specifications.


er_specs [event_response_spec_file] [do_translation]



Optional unless do_translation is specified. Specify the event response specification file name. The default is  er_specs.nnn


Optional. Specify any value. If not specified, spec file translation will NOT be performed. If this argument is specified, then the event_response_spec_file argument must also be specified. 


The above command processes the file er_specs.nnn at test cell nnn. It also writes a file, /ram/, that contains the original spec file with translated keywords.

er_specs /specs/er_specs.111 no
The above command processes the file /specs/er_specs.111. There is no translation of the spec file.


The er_specs command configures the event response task with the specified event response specification file. Run this application after evnt_rsp during system initialization to activate changes to the event response specification file.

A spec file translation is performed by default. It translates old style keywords ( keywords previous to 12/03 ) to the current style of keywords. The second argument is simply used as a flag to determine if the translation should be used. If translation is performed, the translated spec file is /ram/spec_file).new

Use the errs command to check for errors after using this command.

See Also:

errs, Event Response Utility