Perform real-time processing in response to generation of an event. This process is started during system initialization.


evnt_rsp <registered_name> <priority> <interval> [+c]



Specify the event name used to signal the task to run. See Notes below for additional information.


Specify the system priority to assign to this process. Typically, this is a priority of 15.


Specify the process interval, in milliseconds, assigned to this task. This is the rate at which the scheduler should check for evnt_rsp status. This should be the SLO (1000) interval. 


Optional. Specify this flag to treat the task s a critical task by the watchdog.


evnt_rsp EvntRsp 15 SLO +c


The registered_name is the name of an instance of this process. This differentiates uses of this process. For example, one instance of the process may be used for critical test cell operations, and another for user defined test processing. In order to ensure the continued safe operation of the test cell, the user defined event response specifications are segregated from the test cell critical operations. This name corresponds to the name provided in the optional first section of an event response specification file. Specify a name of EvntResp to indicate default specifications.

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