Move files from test cell nodes to the CyFlex Communications Node for this site. It runs automatically and does not require any user intervention.

A sister program, tranMan, runs continuously on the Communications Node to relay data files to the appropriate network server for processing and databasing.

The following file types are transferred:

PAM Datapoint
PAM Header

Transfer Mover resides on a CyFlex test node. It periodically examines each of its /data/transfer/ source directories in which collection programs have written data files for transfer.

This task attaches to the “fr_done” and “PAM_specs_cfg” events and to a 1 second timer (tmr-1000). It will run at priority 10 to handle the “fr_done” and the “PAM_specs_cfg” events and will run at priority 8 when awakened by the timer event. This is so that it will respond quickly when notified that a file is available for transfer, but will run at a low priority so as not transfer an incomplete file being written by a relatively low priority process.

TranMove now has the option to specify a spec filename other than the default transfer_specs.


tranMove [spec_filename] &


spec_filename Optional. Specify the specification filename to be read. The default is transfer_specs.


tranMove transfer_specs.123 &
This starts tranMove using the specs file transfer_specs.123.

tranMove &
This starts tranMove using the default file transfer_specs.



See Also:

tranMan, PAM Data Collection and Transfer