Display table of all active CyFlex variables.


dumpit [string]



Optional. Specify a string that must be in the label of the CyFlex variable to be listed. There is no default string.


dumpit   mnf
The above command displays a list of all the CyFlex variables that contain the string ‘mnf’ in a scrollable screen.

The above command displays a table of all active CyFlex variables in a scrollable screen.


The format of the output is:

     index  label  alias(optional)  value    units    history    tolerance   status


index index in the shared memory area containing the variable
label label of the CyFlex variable that is usually specified in a specs file
alias if the label has another name in the system this is the other name (only 1 alias per label and vice versa) currently only ANALOG and DIGITAL input labels print their aliases in this application
value current value
units units keyword
history the flag indication if variable should be included in the history data
tolerance  the value by which the variable must change before it is saved in the history data
status  the limit status of the variable

The display is organized in consecutive blocks for each of the following CyFlex variable types:

Analog Inputs

Frequency Inputs

Counter Inputs

Engine Performance Real Variables

Engine Performance Integer Variables

Engine Constants

Fuel Reading Real Variables

Fuel Reading Integer Variables

Control Variables

General Use Real Variables

General Use Integer Variables

General Use Logical Variables

General Purpose Logical Variables

Digital Input Logical Variables

Digital Output Logical Variables

Limits Logical Variables

Analog Input Millivolts

The PageUp and PageDown keys can be used to scroll. The Esc key twice exits the display. The F1 key displays help. In the case of CyFlex Logical Variables, the True Event and False Event names are also displayed.

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