Apply a ramp to a variable.


ramp <variable> <target> <ramp_rate>


variable Specify the name of the variable to which a ramp is applied.
target Specify the final value to achieve as a result of the ramp.

Specify the ramp rate to apply to the variable. Units are in units of variable per second. Rate is always positive.

A value of “0” for ramp_rate will cause the variable to be immediately set to the target and the program will exit.


ramp RPM 1200 50
The above command ramps the value of the RPM variable from its current value to 1200 RPM by 50 rpm/sec.


The ramp_rate command applies a ramp to the specified variable at the rate specified in the target variables units per second.

Ramping is applied until the target is achieved. The ramp command will stay active on the command console until the target is achieved. To start ramp in background place an ampersand (&) after the last argument.

The target and ramp_rate may be specified as variable labels.

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