Change the compressed history tolerance value for a list of variables.


settol <label1> <label2> <label3> … <tolerance>



Specify the label(s) of a real, integer, or logical variable.


Specify the new tolerance value to apply to each variable listed.


settol exh_prt1_texh_prt2_texh_prt3_tmy_varyour_vr 1.0
The above command sets the compressed history tolerance for each of the listed variables to 1.0 (in the units of the variable).


Using “settol” from the command line means that the change is only temporary. After a new “go”, the tolerance values may return to the state defined in the appropriate specification file where the variable is created.

Placing the “settol” command in the /cell/go.scp file will modify the tolerance each time a “go” is executed.

The “tolerance” setting affects the following:

– the accuracy of the waveform re-constructed by the historyplot utility ( smaller tolerance values result in more accurate depiction of the waveform )

– the disk storage required ( smaller tolerance values result in more disk storage requirement)

– the time to re-construct the waveform ( smaller tolerance values will take longer to re-construct )

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