Run a test cell information report. This utility is designed to run on central server which includes the /data/cell_map_location.<site_name> files for several sites, such as CTC,CIC,CTCC, etc.

The list of sites must be placed in a file named /data/site_names. The file should have one site per line.


all_sites_info  <option>


See the three options in Example below.



The utility will try to load the “cell_map” file from each site based on the name and hostname following the @CELL_MAP_FILE keyword. The cell_map file will be copied to the /data/ directory with the site_name extender, such as /data/cell_map.CTC

Then, the cell_map file for each site is read and three variables are read from each test cell entry in the cell_map file. CyFlex_VER (or CyFlex version – such as cyflex.3.5) Cyflex_build Linux_version (the OS version)

A report is printed to STDOUT with this information:

   #CELL$-$revision       hostname       build    version  
CELL is test_cell_number found in column 1 of cell jump
revision the contents of the ASSET_VER variable
hostname hostname of IP found in the cell_map file
build the contents of the CyFlex_build variable (null for CyFlex)
version the contents of the Linux_version variable (null for CyFlex)

   A csv file is created at /data/siteInfo.csv containing the information above over all gathered cell data.  
   The utility can be run with three options:  

  1. Print only test cells with the utilization option set (util column in the cell_map has a value of ‘0’).  
  2. Print all locations found in the cell_map.  This option is exercised  by simply adding a command line option of any value.  
        all_sites_info all  
  3. Print only the locations that cannot be successfully contacted. 
    all x  
      all_sites_info > /ram/cells             (list only test cells)  
      all_sites_info all > /ram/all_nodes     (list all nodes)  
      all_sites_info all x > /ram/unconnected (list any unconnected nodes)  


For this to work properly, the connsrvr on the central node where this utility is being run must be configured to allow access to all the remote nodes.  Also, the remote nodes must be configured to allow access to this central server.

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