Process analog output specifications.


ao_specs [analog_output_spec_file] [add]



Optional. Specify the analog output specification filename. The default is ao_specs.nnn.


Optional unless analog_output_spec_file is specified. Specify string to enter if specifications in the analog_output_spec_file should be added to the specifications that already exist in memory.


The above command processes the file ao_specs.nnn for analog output at test cell nnn.

ao_specs /specs/cell_ao  add
The above command adds the ao specifications in the file /specs/cell_ao to the existing specifications in memory.


The ao_specs command processes the analog inputs within the specified analog outputs specification file.

Real variables referenced in the analog output specification file will be created by ao_specs unless the label is enclosed in double quotes. If quoted, then it is expected to have been created elsewhere in CyFlex.

Analog output hardware channels specified in the analog output specification file should not coincide with analog output hardware channels specified in control specifications. Use the errs command to check for errors after using this command.

Channels can also be added via the PNP approach by adding a line to the file /specs/pnp/output_specs_pnp that contains the label of a LOGICAL_VARIABLE, the name of the spec file that has the AO specifications that should be added when the LOGICAL_VARIABLE is TRUE. AO specifications should follow the keyword @AO_SPECS_PNP to indicate that the specs in the file are analog output specs.

An example entry could be:

. @AO_SPECS_PNP cell_pnp /specs/cell_ao .

See Also:

pnp, errs