The engineering values which correspond to a counter channel are continuously maintained on the hard disk by the “save_status” task. The values are saved in the file /data/ai_counters. When the CyFlex system is re-started, these values need to be correlated with the current value of the hardware counter. The counter may have been reset to zero by a power down or it may still contain the value it had prior to the software being shut down. The values of the counters will be present in the continuous raw data buffer after the “start_cont” initialization process is run. This builds the specifications for continuous sampling and gets it rolling.

After continuous sampling is started, this process can be run.

init_ai_counters reads the engineering values from disk and sends configuration messages to the ai_transfer task, commanding it to grab the raw value from the continuous raw data buffer and to save it as the initial value along with the engineering value contained in the configuration message.








This is normally run in the go.scp after the I/O and transfer_layer apps are running.

See Also:

start_cont, save_status, ai_transfer