Monitor transt_drv for MTL module errors.


transt_err [watchdog_timeout] [max_errors]



Optional. Specify the number of seconds after an error is detected before the watchdog is killed. The default is 60 seconds.


Optional. Specify the maximum number of errors per minute. This number of errors will be allowed within a one minute period from the time the first error is received. After one minute, the error count is reset to zero. If the number of errors detected exceeds this value within 1 minute, then the shutdown actions are taken. The default is 10 errors.


transt_err 60 10&
The above command spawns transt_err in the background and will do the following if 10 module errors are detected in less than 1 minute.

– send an email to the ‘quality_email’ address

– issue the ‘abort_limit’ event to initiate an engine shutdown

– kill the watchdog output after 60 seconds (note that the watchdog can be restarted by typing the command “setev transt_reset”)


This task is normally started in the go script that starts CyFlex.

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