The cal_rpts utility is a script that is intended for use by Operations personnel who perform periodic calibrations of sensors on a test system. After doing a sequence of calibrations, this script will run the table_report application twice, with and without the +exceptions options. The output for each execution of table_report is stored in the /cell/tables/reports/ directory. Each file has a time_stamp included in the filename so that subsequent runs do not over-write the files. Thus, record of all the executions of cal_rpts will remain on the disk. Each report is automatically emailed to the q5 email distribution list established in the /etc/postfix/virtual file. A report named cal_times is also generated, showing the sequence of calibration operations that was performed during the calibration session.


cal_rpts [ table_age ] [ tolerance ] [ cal_age ] [ back ] [ +f ]



Optional argument
Previous table age in days. This allows the program to skip multiple calibrations done on the same day in looking backward through the file to find the previous calibration
Default value is 5 days


Optional argument
The maximum deviation allowed between the current calibration and the previous one before a warning is printed
Default value is 0.01 (1%)


Optional argument
The maximum age in days for a table to be included in this report. By setting this to a small values such as 2 days, only the calibrations that were performed within the last 2 days will be included.
Default is 1825 (5 years).


Optional argument.
The number of days to subtract from the current date in order to extract the relative changes of prior calibrations rather than the relative change to the most recent calibration
Default is 0


Optional Argument
Lists calibrations that exceeded the tolerance and drift



The above command will execute the task using the default values.
 cal_rpts table_age=1

The above command will execute the task using a 1 day table_age requirement


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