Identify calibration tables newer than a specified age.

An email is sent to the specified address listing every calibration table (*.tbl) in the /cell/tables/ directory that is newer than the specified age.

If the email_address argument is not specified, the program will send an email to a list of people specified within the /specs/trv_specs.nnn file under the @EMAIL keyword.


new_tables <age_in_days> <email_address>



Specify the calibration table age in number of days to determine whether the calibration table file is newer since the specified age.


Specify the recipient of the email to be sent containing the list of tables newer than the age_in_days.


new_tables 1
The above example sends an email to containing a list of calibration tables that are newer than 1 day.

new_tables 1000
The above example sends emails out to the email addresses from the @EMAIL keyword of the /specs/trv_specs.nnn file. The email message will contain a list of calibration tables that are newer than 1000 days.


This process can be setup to run from cron so that a particular person is notified if files have been changed.

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