Manage communication between ASCII controllers and client tasks via system mounted devices and user defined parameters.
The following functions are performed:
-Interpret client commands
-Compose ASCII messages with the proper protocol
-Send commands and await response
-Decode response and compose status
-Set response event


ASC <priority_level> <name_stem> [auxilary_name]


priority_level Specify the task priority.
name_stem Specify a name string to create the event namesĀ to communicate with the ASC task.
auxilary_name Optional. Specify a string to identify an event name for auxiliary command generation.


ASC 10 dpt
The above spawns the ASC task at priority 10 with a name stem of dpt. The ‘name_stem’ is used to construct the name of the configuration file that is read to configure the service. For this example, the configuration that will be accessed is /specs/dpt.cfg.



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