Manage range selection of devices that provide multiple ranges and perform conversion from sensed units to engineering units on channels from these instruments.


auto_rng [inst=instrument_name]  [pri=priority]
                     [pi=process_interval]        [mode=mode]
                     [r=initial_range]                 [spec=spec_file_path] &


inst Optional. Specify an instrument name. The default is none_specd.
pri Optional. Specify the task priority. The default is 8.
pi Optional. Specify the process interval. The default is 1000.
mode Optional. Specify the mode. The default is on.
r Optional. Specify the initial range. The default is 0.
spec Optional. Specify the spec filename. The default is none_specd.


auto_rng pri=8 pi=1000 mode=on r=o

The preceding uses default instrument name and spec file name of none_specd, priority of 8, process interval of 1000, mode on, and initial range 0.



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