Perform initialization and then loop forever, waiting on incoming events and send a command to the ASC handler every time the start_event is received (a 10 sec timer) to decode the variable value when the ASC handler replies.


gps <device_name> <latitude_real_variable_label> <longitude_real_variable_label> <altitude_real_variable_label> <validity_logical_variable> <validity_timeout_in_seconds> <time_string_variable> <date_string_variable>
This command needs 8 arguments


device_name Specify the gps device name.
latitude_real_variable_label Specify the latitude real variable label to decode.
longitude_real_variable_label Specify the longitude real variable label to decode.
altitude_real_variable_label Specify the altitude real variable label to decode.
validity_logical_variable Specify the validity logical variable to decode.
validity_timeout_in_seconds Specify the validity timeout value in seconds.
time_string_variable Specify the time string variable to decode.
date_string_variable Specify the date string variable to decode.


gps gps1 Lat_var Long_var Alt_var gps_valid 5 g_time g_date



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