Use the ONGA Data Transfer server program to transfer Online Natural Gas Analyzer (ONGA) data files from a networked PC.


ongadata [spec_file=filename]



Optional. Specify the spec filename to read and configure the task. The default is /specs/ongaSpecs.


The above spawns ongadata using the default spec file ongaSpecs

ongadata spec_file=/specs/newOngaSpecs
The above spawns ongadata using the spec file /specs/newOngaSpecs


In order to run multiple instances of ongadata, the spec file for the additional instance of ongadata MUST contain certain keywords: 


Data will be stored in the directory /data/onga_REGNAME where ‘REGNAME’ is the registered name specified below. If this keyword is not used, the default registered name, OngaData, will be used. The name must be unique for any given instance of ongadata.


The stream ID description which will be included in the onga_onga event that is used to transmit the composition data to the test cell node(s).
It specifies the composition variable that should be written to by the update_composition task running on the remote node. This stream
description can be overridden using the CyFlex variables specified under the @GAS_VARIABLES_LABELS keyword below.
If the @GAS_STREAM_ID_DESCRIPTION keyword is not present, the stream ID description will be set to NATURAL_GAS.
Only the time/date and unnormalized amount checks will be done if the gas stream ID is NOT NATURAL_GAS.


Describes the device ID stream.


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