18: Internodal Communication

Command Purpose
connsrvr Enable computers running software on different operating systems (Linux/Windows) to share information.
csdump Send a message to connsrvr to dump all latest information about local attached and remote attached services, connected and unconnected remote servers.

Receive CyFlex events from other remote networks that are running CyFlex.


Send CyFlex events to other remote networks that are running CyFlex.

ev_tcp_specs Read a specification file and send the specification to the local inter-network CyFlex event client, ev_tcp_send.
fetch_host Fetch a hostname for a specified cell number.
fileget Get a file or files from a remote server.
fileput Transfer a file onto a remote server.
getAstStat13 Perform a “node link” type of operation to fetch certain variables from all CyFlex test cells.
node_linkN Get variables from a remote node.
push_link Transfer variables to a remote node.
push_server Shared memory server
push_test Push a single variable to a remote node.
small_sm Shared memory server
small_smN Shared memory server
snl_test Get a single variable from a remote node.
snode_link Transfer variables from/to remote nodes.
web_sm_server Use the Web Services application to invoke connsrvr to send and retrieve information to and from the CyFlex system.