Send a message to connsrvr to dump all latest information about local attached and remote attached services, connected, and unconnected remote servers.


csdump [+c]



Optional. Specify this flag to clear statistics. 


The command waits for a response from the connsrvr to display a file to the screen. The default location for the file is ‘/ram/cs_dump.txt’.


Local Attached Service: A client service running on the local system.

Remote Attached Service: A client service running on a remote system.

Connected Remote Servers: connsrvrs on other systems that communications has been established.

Unconnected Remote Servers: connsrvrs on other systems that are not communicating.

Msg Count: The number of messages sent.

Packet Count: The number of packets that sent a message. If may require multiple packets.

Error Count: The number of  errors that have occurred while sending or receiving a packet.


$ csdump  
Thu Feb 14 10:01:50 2008  
cmxnode6: Connection Server has received 18 remote and 3 local messages  
Local Attached Services:  
Remote Attached Services:  
LV_inter pid(18415) ipaddr XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 
Connected Remote Servers:  
                 Receive  Msg   Packet Error   Send    Msg   Packet  Error  
Hostnam/IPADDR Taskid Count Count Count Taskid Count Count Count
###.###.###.### 4678 0 0 0 4679 0 0 0

Unconnected Remote Servers:  
                 Receive Packet  Send    Packet  

Hostname/IPADDR Taskid Count Taskid Count
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 4665 0 0 0
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 4667 0 0 0

    If unable to connect to the connection server, csdump will timeout and report an error.

See Also:

connsrvr, Connection Server Setup, Internodal Communications Task Reference