Receive CyFlex events from other remote networks that are running CyFlex.

The ability to receive CyFlex events from other remote networks that are running CyFlex is accomplished via TCP/IP messages and that messaging capability needs to be available on the sending network and the receiving network. The node in the sending network must have ‘ev_tcp_send’ running and that process should have been configured by running ‘ev_tcp_specs’.

The process, ‘ev_tcp_specs’ reads a spec file which has the names of the CyFlex events that will be set and the remote network receiving the events. The destination network name must be a valid name that exists in the /etc/hosts file that is read by the TCP/IP process.

The node on the receiving network must have ‘ev_tcp_receive’ running to receive the TCP/IP message sent by ‘ev_tcp_send’. When ‘ev_tcp_receive’ gets a message, it will set the CyFlex event that was specified in the message received from ‘ev_tcp_send’.

For example, if node 1 on the CTC network sets an CyFlex event containing the current CTC test cell utilization it can be received at CEP, ETS, METC, or any other CyFlex system.


ev_tcp_receive  [mask] [–log ] 

ev_tcp_receive can be started by typing the program name, or optionally by typing the program name plus subnet mask. This option allows ev_tcp_receive to filter client notes from which it can receive sent event.

The subnet mask follows the usual format for IP version4. A system error will occur in the execution if the value of the IP in any of the octets is more than the permitted 255 or is invalid.


mask Optional. Specify a masking attribute. 
–log Optional. Specify this option to produce a log file. The file is written to /data/errors/ev_tcp_receive.yyyymmddhhmmss


For a host within a network with IP address, the subnet mask typed at the prompt can be any of the following: —-> This allows all client nodes having 198 in the first octet —-> This allows only clients with IP addresses matching the first two octets —-> Allows only clients with IP addresses matching the first three octets

The program can then be launched by typing any of the following kinds of option:

ev_tcp_receive //for default execution only



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