Send CyFlex events to other remote networks that are running CyFlex.

The ability to send CyFlex events to other remote networks that are running CyFlex is accomplished via TCP/IP messages and that messaging capability needs to be available on the sending network and the receiving network. The node in the sending network‘ must have ‘ev_tcp_send’ running and that process should have been configured by running ‘ev_tcp_specs’.

The process ‘ev_tcp_specs’ reads a spec file which has the names of the CyFlex events that will be set and the remote network receiving the events. The destination network name must be a valid name that exists in the /etc/hosts file that is read by the TCP/IP process. When ev_tcp_specs is run, it logs information to /data/errors/ev_tcp_send_cfg.yyyymmddhhmmss.

The node on the receiving network must have ‘ev_tcp_receive’ running to receive the TCP/IP message sent by “ev_tcp_send”. When “ev_tcp_receive” gets a message, it will set the CyFlex event that was specified in the message received from ‘ev_tcp_send’.

For example, if node 1 on the CTC network sets an CyFlex event containing the current CTC test cell utilization it can be received at CEP, ETS, METC, or any other CyFlex system.

See Example for an example spec file that would be read by ev_tcp_specs and sent to ev_tcp_send on the network where the event originates.


ev_tcp_send [IP address]  


IP address Optional. See explanation in Example.


    For a host within a network with IP address, the subnet mask typed at the prompt can be any of the following:  
          $-$$-$$-$$-$>   This allows all client nodes having 198 in the first octet  
       $-$$-$$-$$-$>   This allows only clients with IP addresses matching the first two octets  
      $-$$-$$-$$-$>   Allows only clients with IP addresses matching the first three octets  
    The program can then be launched by typing any of the following:  
            ev_tcp_send                  //for default execution only  

Spec file for inter-network events

   # the source_event_name is the event name on the network where the  
   # event is being ‘‘set’’.  This must be the same network on which  
   # spec file is being processed.  
 the destination_event_name is the event name on the network where  
 the event is received  
  destination_network name     source_event_name    destination_event_name  
      ctcnode16                      start_it              at_speed  
      bakalarqnx                     release_it            pier_done  



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