Provide control functions for a load cell fuel system that also uses a continuous flow meter and flow control valve. These functions include fill valve operation, directions to the control task, calculation of flow rates, and timing of a fuel reading. The outputs include the consumption rate, hp-specific consumption, and error statistics of the linear regression performed on the flow rate during the reading.


cf_scales <reg_name> <priority> <interval_or_event_arg> <spec_filename> [+c]



Specify the registered name of this instance of the program.


Specify the task priority, generally between 11 and 18.

interval or event

Specify the type of processing.


Specify the full path to the specification file.


Optional. Specify this flag to indicate a critical task. 


cf_scales FR1 12 MED /specs/cf_specs.1 +c &


The specification file must provide the information necessary for how this device operates and must already exist. The interval must already be defined in the go script (SLO, MED, FAS, WARP). If an event is used, it MUST be a simple signal event, that is, it MUST not include any data. See cyflex/specs.def/cf_scales.def for an example file.

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