Change the formatted resolution of a variable or a list of variables.


change_res <label1> <label2 <label3> … <resolution>


labelX Specify the label of a real, statistical, composition, property, or real array.
resolution Specify the new format resolution (number of places to the right of decimal).


          change_res exh_prt1_t exh_prt2_t exh_prt3_t my_var your_vr 2

The above command sets the format to 2 places for each of the listed variables


Using “change_res” from the command line means that the change is only temporary. After a new “go”, the format values will return to the state defined in the appropriate specification file where the variable is created.

Placing the “change_res” command in the /cell/go.scp file will modify the format each time a “go” is executed.

The “change_res” setting affects only how the variable is displayed or logged.

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