Compute air mass flow on a continuous basis.


critical_flow <priority> <process_interval> <spec_file> [+c]



Specify the task priority.


Specify the interval rate to process the computations. The interval rate is in milliseconds.


Specify the full path of the specification filename.


Optional. Specify this flag to indicate the task is critical to the watchdog. 


critical_flow 12 1000 /specs/cfv_spec.214 +c &
The above command spawns critical_flow in the background at a priority of 12. The computations are performed once every one hundred milliseconds using the specifications in the file /specs/cfv_specs.214. The task is also assigned to be a critical task. As a result, if the task stops responding to the watchdog, any test that is running will be aborted.  The critical_flow task will register it’s name with the filename (not the full pathame), in this case “cfv_spec.214”.  This name can be used by the ‘re-read’ command to request that it update the specifications by reading the specification file again.  This feature allows the specifications to be changed “on-the-fly” without slaying and restarting the app. Note: re-read feature is not available prior to 6.3.30 or 6.4.0.



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