Measure the oil consumption rate of a load cell based measurement device. The rate is based on the rate of change of oil in a container held by a load cell and a system which maintains a constant oil level in the engine. Thus, the oil consumed by the engine reduces the amount of oil in the container and measurement of this rate of reduction is reported as the oil consumption rate.


oil_scales <priority>  <sample_interval> &


priority_level Specify the priority level with a range between 11 and 18.
sample_interval Either specify the process rate defined in milliseconds or specify one of the standard available rates: FAS, MED, or SLO.


oil_scales 11 SLO &


This program will read a spec file named /specs/oc_scales.NNN where NNN is the test cell number.

See Also:

/cyflex/specs.def/oc_scales.def for an example spec file