Measure urea flow rate.


urea_flow &






This command is normally placed in /cell/go.scp so that it runs all of the time.

The ASC configuration file “/specs/urea_flow.cfg” file must exist.

A copy of the urea_flow.cfg file is located in cyflex/specs.def at CTC and in cyflex/specs.def at “cmxnode1”

The following variables will be created:

REAL urea_total (the total flow in gallons)

LOGICAL label meaning urea_flt_bit1 ?

urea_flt_bit2 ?

urea_flt_bit3 fill valve #2 failing

urea_flt_bit4 fill valve #1 failing

urea_flt_bit5 totalized reading out of range

urea_flt_bit6 flow meter not operating

urea_flt_bit7 holding tank did not fill

urea_flt_bit8 holding tank overfill

Each LOGICAL variable has a ‘TRUE’ transition event associated with it that will be set when the state changes from FALSE to TRUE.

variable TRUE transition event urea_flt_bit1 urea_flt1

urea_flt_bit2 urea_flt2

urea_flt_bit3 urea_flt3

urea_flt_bit4 urea_flt4

urea_flt_bit5 urea_flt5

urea_flt_bit6 urea_flt6

urea_flt_bit7 urea_flt7

urea_flt_bit8 urea_flt8

The following event will be created by the application and will be set if there is a comm loss.


The total volume value, “urea_total”, is stored on disk in the file /data/save_parameters. If a “go” is performed or the “urea_flow” task is restarted, that value will be restored, thus allowing the value to be a running total regardless of whether the task is stopped and restarted.

Should the total value need to be reset, the “urea_flow” task will need to be slayed, then use “svar urea_total” to reset the value, followed by a re-start of the application.

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