Read a specification file containing alias/label matches.


alias_labels [spec_file]


spec_file Specify the specification file name containing the alias/label matches. The default is:  alias_labels.NNN


The above command causes the file alias_labels.NNN to be processed at test cell NNN.


The specification file format is simply 2 columns of labels with the first column being the alias name and the 2nd column the label that the alias points to. There may be different sets of aliases, each with a separate specification file. In that case, each file must have a unique registered name. The default registered name is “ALIAS”. The maximum number of alias variables for the system is defined by the ‘alias=N’ command line argument for the “sys_start” process that is launched in the /cell/go.scp file. If the argument is not present, the default maximum number of aliases will be 100.

 The registered name is optional and with default to “ALIAS” if it is not entered in the file.


alias_label       variable_label
x_alias            my_AI_chan

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