Specify a variable to maintain on disk.


save_list <variable_name> <vrbl_name2>… [+d]



Specify the label of the 1st CyFlex variable to save.


Specify the label of the 2nd CyFlex variable to save.


Optional. Specify this this argument to remove all the variable specified from the list of saved variables.


save_list test_cycles los_subsys
The above command adds the variables test_cycles and los_subsys to the list of saved parameters.


This command is used to add or delete variables from the list periodically copied to the hard disk. Their values can then be restored if the system is stopped and then restarted. The labels and values are stored in the file /data/save_parameters. The save_status program will update the values every hour, and when a slay_stuff is executed. The rstr_save_dat command will restore the values when the system is restarted.

The program save_status must be running to have the values updated on disk and the rstr_save_dat command must be executed within the go script to restore the values.

See Also:

rstr_save_dat, save_status