This script takes ESVD information as input and produces full path filename.  In effect this implements the directory structure for the ESVD files.



FILE_TYPE – The type of filename to generate. This must be from a fixed list or an error is generated.
         e.g. LOGR, CI_SPECS, …
Each FILE_TYPE will require different arguments. Common arguments
    TPID – Test Plan ID
    TC – Test Configuration or Torque Curve
    STEP – Step
    RUN – Run number


To stdout, a full directory path and filename for the requested FILE_TYPE
status – Returns 0 on successful execution, non-zero and messages to stdout otherwise. So be sure to test the return code before looking at the results.

FILE_TYPE and arguments:

  CREATE TPID [TC [STEP ] ] – Creates last directory in list if needed.
  CI_SPECS TPID – Customer input specs
  LOGR_SPEC TPID – Customer logr input specs
  REFERENCE_CYCLE_NORMALIZED REF_CYCLE – Normalized reference cycle file.

  TCA_LOGR TPID TC- TCA Logr output data file.
  TCA_LOGR_SPEC – TCA Logr spec file.
  TCA_3D_CAL_TABLE TPID TC – TCA 3-D calibration table output file.
  TCA_REPORT TPID TC – TCA report output file.
  TCA_STAR_3 TPID TC – TCA *3 output file.

  ECG_FURBALL TPID TC REF_CYCLE – ECG reference cycle output file.
  ECG_STAR_6 TPID TC REF_CYCLE – ECG *6 output file.
  ECG_REPORT TPID TC REF_CYCLE – ECG report output file.
  ECG_STAR_3 TPID TC REF_CYCLE – ECG *3 output file.

  EM_STAR5_4_8 TPID TC STEP RUN – Emissions *5 file, record group 4 codes 4 – 8.
  EM_LOGR_FILE TPID TC STEP RUN – Emissions logr output data file .
  EM_LOGR_SPEC TPID – Emissions logr spec file.
  EM_STAR5 TPID TC STEP RUN – Emissions *5 file.
  EM_STAR0 TPID TC STEP RUN – Emissions *0 file.
  EM_STAR0_CHNS TPID – Emissions data channels file.