Store test data from the test cells to the filter room database CVS and SER tables.


filt_data_save  <site>  <directory_name> &



Specify the three letter site acronym used within sample filter ids on filter labels.


Specify the full path to the directory where the test cell data files reside.

 NOTE: This directory must have sub-directories ready, hold, and complete. The sub-directories will have further sub-directories that are the test cell numbers in use at the site sending test data to the filter room. 


filt_data_save CTC /data/filterdata/ &

The above example saves test data read from files within the /data/filterdata/ready/cell_num directories to the CVS and SER weighroom database tables.  Data records within the weighroom database must exist for the specified site and the filter_id within the data file.  If the test data file is successfully processed, the file will be moved to the /data/filterdata/complete/cell_num directory.  If an error occurs while processing the test data file, the processed data file will be moved to the /data/filterdata/hold/cell_num directory. No retries will be attempted on files moved to the /data/filterdata/hold/cell_num directories.


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