Perform the Generic interface task for a weigh room weighing scale.g


scale [n = ASC events base name] [m = minimum weigh time] [t = maximum weigh time] [s = stability requirement] [i = unique identifier of scale]


n Optional. Specify the ASC events base name. The default is mettler.
m Optional. Specify the minimum weigh time in seconds. The default is 5 seconds.
t Optional. Specify the maximum weigh time in seconds. The default is 60 seconds.
s Optional. Specify the stability requirement in micro-grams. The default is 5 micro-grams.
i Optional. Specify a unique scale identifier. This is only applicable to a Sartorius scale.


scale n=mettler m=5 t=60 s=5 &

The above example starts the scale task for a mettler scale, with 5 seconds as the minimum weigh time, with 60 seconds as the maximum weigh time and 5 micro-grams as the stability requirement.  The scale program starts an ASC task using mettler within the event names.  The /cell/mettler.cfg specification file is also read for handling commands to and from the mettler scale.



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