Use abort_autotune if the autotuning process seems to be taking too long. Note that the length of time to autotune is dependent on the period of oscillation of the system. Ten to twenty oscillations will be required and sometimes more if the system is not well behaved.


abort_autotune <controller>



  • Specify the number of the controller for which autotune is performed ONLY IF running the old ctrl_task
  • Specify the loop name if tuning a new user control loop
  • Specify the control device if tuning a new engine control device DYNO DYNO2 THROTTLE. These must be spelled exactly though capitalization is not important.


abort_autotune 0
Abort autotuning for the dyno when using the old ctrl_task.

abort_autotune fuel_cooling
Abort autotuning for fuel cooling with the new user_ctrl_task.

abort_autotune Dyno
Abort autotuning for the dyno with the new eng_ctrl_task.



See Also:

autotune, Autotuning PID Loops