Set or change the value of the filter coefficient on a specified AI or FI channel.

Enter an AI or FI channel name along with the filter_coefficient, frequency cutoff or a time constant. If no value is entered after the channel name, then the current settings will be displayed.


filter_k [AI or FI channel name] [filter_coefficient]


filter_k [AI or FI channel name] [frequency_cutoff in hz]


filter_k [AI or FI channel name] [time constant in sec]

or to just display current settings

filter_k [AI or FI channel name]



Specify a valid value. Valid values are 0.0-1.0.


Specify the frequency cutoff in units of hz.

time constant

Specify the time constant in units of sec.


filter_k comp_in_p 0.10
Specifies recursive filter coefficient

filter_k comp_in_p .5[hz]
Specifies cutoff frequency

filter_k comp_in_p 2[sec]
Specifies time constraint

filter_k comp_in_p
Displays current settings


The coefficient is used in an optional recursive filter on the analog input signal for the acceleration measurement to “smooth” the transient response. Filter values near 0.0 and 1.0 produce small and large filtering effects, respectively.

The command rejects any value for the filter coefficient that is less than 0.0 (no filter) or is greater than or equal to 1.0 (total filter).

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