Sets DO bits that control relays in a load bank. Once this task is told to set the DO bits. it finds the value of an CyFlex variable that contains the desired load to be applied and then sets the DO bits that will provide the requested load. The load should always be <= the requested load.  Refer to the example spec file.


gen_load <spec_filename> &


spec_filename Specify the specification filename that configures this task.


gen_load /specs/kw_load_specs.3 &
The above command spawns the gen_load program and runs it in the background. It reads the specification file /specs/kw_load_specs.3 and then waits for events to tell it what actions should be performed.


1. This task is normally spawned in the go script or by a gp_test procedure when the procedure is going to control the load applied by the load bank.
2. Once this task is spawned, it remains resident until it is slayed.
3. If it is desired to ramp the requested load to some final value this should be done via the standard ‘ramp’ command or the ramp command that is a gp_test keyword.
4. Another possibility is to use a control loop to set the value of a REAL VARIABLE. In this way, feed forward, ramping, and loop gains can be adjusted.

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